Volume 34, Issue 109, Summer 2012, Page 9-281

The Integration between Quality Management Systems, Lean Manufacturing and Agile Manufacturing

Dr.Thaer Al-Samman

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 9-28
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.161995

Each company uses Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to decrease waste, in order to quality and to preempt the customers' assumptions. Recently, the philosophies of Agile Manufacturing and Six Sigma have been introduced, but the unique use of one would not consequently achieve the required benefit of competitive advantage among companies globally. Hence, the Production and Quality Philosophy has been hypothesized in this paper named "The House of Lean Agile Reconfiguration". This philosophy would almost achieve the global competition benefits in changeable national markets. This can be fulfilled via connection with these types of philosophies to improve quality, cost, flexibility and quick response..

Potentials for Recycling Residential Solid Waste in Mosul City

Dr.Obey Al- Wattar; Sahar Mahmood

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 9-27
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.161996

Sample survey conducted by the authors in Summer-Autumn 2008 shows that Mosul City generates nearly 620 tons of residential solid waste (RSW) daily . Over 80% of that quantity is food waste . Since food waste is basically an organic matter, it qualifies as the main input in the production of compost . Thus if it were possible to suitably separate food waste from the rest of RSW generated in Mosul City, it would be in the interest of the Directorate of Mosul Municipality(DMM) to consider acquiring a Compost and Recovery Plant specific to Mosul City , with an initial rated capacity of 1000 tons of compost a day . However, the biological and mechanical treatment of residential (and commercial) solid waste does not relieve the DMM and the Council of Ninevah Governorate of the responsibility for giving top priority to the establishment of an Integrated Solid Waste Management system, with the sanitary landfill being its center piece. .

The Effect of Services Qualification Criteria on Customers' Satisfaction: A Field Study in the General State of Communication And Post Office Services in Nineveh

Buthayna Ahmad

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 29-43
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.161997

This research aims to measure the quality of postal services in the Nineveh General Company for Communications and mail, using a measure SERVPERF, and the relation of standards and of b (tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, safety "security", and empathy) with the consent of customers. This importance of the current study has been give through interest in the views of their customers and their impressions for some aspects of the services which they can make judgments about them. The research of problem is in the level of services provided by the organization studied for its customers. What are the characteristics and features of these services? How can access to provide high quality of postal services? Then to what extent can the quality of the postal service as a gateway to increase the competitiveness of their counterparts in developed countries? In the fielded study, the range of services contribution has been evaluated according to the satisfaction among a sample of customers. They were selected randomly (200) items. It is showed that the customers' evaluation to the services quality in terms of indicators were different from one customer to another; as well as the service quality seek to achieve customers' satisfaction. Some suggestions have also been given that the most important transactions can be accomplished via Internet, and non-discrimination between customers and the large number of nepotisms..

The Relation between Internal Marketing and Organizational Commitment for Workers in Jordanian Hotels

Dr.Asad Abu Rummana; Dr. AlaaAldin Ahmed

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 44-63
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.161998

The aim of this study is to explore the importance of employees in Jordanian five star hotels in Amman in particular the front stage employees and to what extent the internal marketing practices related to employees may participate in the sense of organizational commitment towards their hotels. Data collection involved research questionnaire technique was employed to recruit 287 employees representing four five stars hotels in Amman. This study used the multiple regression analysis to show the impact of internal marketing practices on the organizational commitment. The study findings showed that employee' retention policy, training and development, and incentive methods considered as the most influential factors on the employees organizational commitment. This paper contributes to previous research by adding to existing knowledge regarding what constitutes internal marketing. The study makes key recommendations towards employees' retention, training and development and incentives..

Green Investment: Analysis study in the City of Mosul

Dr.Bashar Al-Shakerji; Mohammed Al-Sharabi; Faris Al-Dulaimi

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 64-83
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.161999

The mere existence of crowded cities does not refer civilization, but there should be a balance between the indicators, components and functions of urbanization, as well as sustainable development. The green locations of parks and gardens are one of the most prominent elements of urban infrastructure. Sometimes the implementation may be delayed or canceled due to the need to spaces for other projects; this may contribute to the declination. The green location is the most comfortable that is equivalent to the rest of the components of the city. It contributes in many areas enabled the construction of residential and industrial areas, supermarkets, streets and squares. Thus, they play a set of functions such as recreational and ecological balance and function of health and socio-economic. The study sought to address the problem field that is the depletion of green areas in Mosul City, due to the poor planning, the physical abuse and arbitrary construction. The study tried to provide several solutions based on the philosophy of sustainable and green investment within the limits of realism possible treatments. The study concluded several results, they are; the increase of green location in the Mosul City will consequently contribute to the achievement of many goals such as decreasing the effects of sand storms, air filtration and run numbers of the unemployed, as well as social aspects and maintain a sustainable environment..

Relationship between Whistle Blowing and Organizational Salient: Analytic Study of Some Workers of Mosul University

Dr.Sarmad Saleh; Sundiya Al-Hayali

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 84-98
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162000

Whistle blowing is considered to be an informal manner produced inside the organizations. It is not only sparkled from values and principles of some workers that they have commitment in it, but also produced from their personal liability, integrity, impartiality, straightness, and their conscience reprimand. This manner depends on some workers to uncover what they believe from illegal practices and unmoral behavior happened inside their organizations and may lead the organizations to damage, security, and social safety or to be exposed to risk. This motivated the management to specify the workers tendencies. This may help to classify groups or portions, the supporting group for all actions - they are silent ones organizationally- is considered whistle puff, and this classification represents one of the manners that is management ability to specify the individual. The more filed knowledge persons move into the moral community security and the same way to the behavior filed to confirm all workers, from here, we can refer to the problem of the study through (some or several) searching questions:
1. Do the members of the searching organization keep silent and do not speak about their problems?
2. Do the management members prefer to work with the silent individuals?
To answer the above questions and to refer to the connection relationship and the influence on the studying dimensions, several statistical ways have been used through questionnaires and distributed the workers in the researching Colleges.
یعدّ نفخ الصافرة أسلوباً غیر رسمی صادر من داخل المنظمات، نابع لیس فقط من قیم ومبادئ بعض العاملین والتی یلتزمون بها، ولکن أیضاً نابع من مسؤولیتهم الشخصیة ونزاهتهم واستقامتهم وتأنیب ضمیرهم . یقوم هذا الأسلوب على قیام بعض العاملین بالکشف عما یعتقدونه من ممارسات غیر مشروعة وسلوکیات غیر أخلاقیة تحدث فی منظماتهم مما یؤدی إلى الإضرار بها وبأمن وسلامة المجتمع أو تعریضه للخطر. هذا مما یجعل الإدارة تحدد اتجاهات العاملین فیها على نحوٍ یسعفها فی تصنیفهم ضمن فئات أو تقسیمات، فالفئة المؤیدة لکل ما یجری وهم الصامتون تنظیمیاً، والفئة المتحسسة لکل ما یجری وهم نافخو الصافرة، إذ إن هذا التصنیف یمثل أحد الأسالیب التی یمکّن الإدارة من تشخیص أفرادها، والأکثر معرفة المجال الذی یتحرکون فیه سعیاً لتأمین المنظومة الأخلاقیة وفی الوقت نفسه إقرار مجال التصرف للعاملین، من هنا تم تأشیر مشکلة الدراسة من خلال اثارة جملة من التساؤلات البحثیة المتمثلة بالاتی:
1-هل إن معظم الأفراد العاملین فی المنظمة المبحوثة من النوع الذین یلتزمون بالصمت التنظیمی ولا یفصحون عن المشاکل التی تواجههم؟
2- هل تفضل القیادة الإداریة التعامل مع الأفراد الصامتین؟
وللإجابة على التساؤلات البحثیة أعلاه، ولقیاس علاقات الارتباط والتأثیر بین بعدی الدراسة، تم استخدام عدد من الوسائل الإحصائیة لبیانات جمعت بالاستبانة التی وزعت على العاملین فی الکلیات المبحوثة .
وتم التوصل إلى مجموعة من الاستنتاجات والمقترحات.

Consumer Movement Protection and Its Role on Consuming Awareness An Exploration Study for a Sample of Consumers Opinions in Mosul City

Dr.Najla Al-Murad

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 99-115
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162001

This research tries to study the movement of consumer protection in Mosul City; it takes into consideration the consumers' opinions within the consumer protection movement. This subject is regarded as an important one; it has a prominent role in publishing the consumption awareness and consumer protection from the environment damages. A pilot study on Iraqi consumers has been conducted in Mosul City. A questionnaire of (600) consumers were distributed in Mosul City. The regained ones were (453) only (%75.5). So, it was the major tool of data collection. Statistical methods were taken into account to test hypothesis, the research concluded a group of results and suggested possibilities to a better consumer's protection (in Mosul City). ).

Technical Change and its Reflections on Products Quality Improvement A Case Study in General Company for the Ready Garments Industry

Dr.Mahfodh Al-Sawaf; AbdulAziz Zakaria

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 117-133
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162002

The modern world has faced rapid changes that made the modern technology, management, network communications and new techniques the key systemic tools to the information and comprehensive knowledge era. These may be reflected in the performance of organizations in general. On this basis, this research aimed to know the nature of relation of correlation and the effect of the two variables of the study (technical variables, quality improvement of products). This can be done via the dependence of a group of major and minor hypotheses provoked by the researchers in research methodology, specially that there is a sort of correlation and effect whatsoever between technical variables and quality improvement of products. A model of hypothesis has been subjected to the nature of relation and effect of depended variables and independed in the study. General company for ready garments in Nineva has been selected to be the field of application..

An Equivalent Relationship between the Entrances of Ethical Structure in Organizations and Aspects of Formulation its Strategies: Analysis of Managers Opinions in Number of Organization In Mosul City

Dr.Abdul Al-Adwani; Zeyad Nujaifi

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 134-163
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162003

The current study aims to verify the authors' point of view which stated that there is an equivalent impact relation between what it is called entrances of moral structure in organizations, and with the entrances of formulating their strategies, especially depended on contingency theory. The authors prepared the suitable methodology to test their own point including the problem of the study, and gave an informational framework for the variables of their study. They conducted the statistical analysis for the data set regarding these two variables which they got from their study field represented by the agencies of electricity, municipality, communications and water service in Mosul City. This was done by the questionnaire prepared for this purpose getting use of correlation and regression variables. They concluded several results that helped them to come out with several conclusions. It is emphasized the correctness of their point of view either the micro framework or the macro framework. Depending on these conclusions the authors presented several proposals, the most important of them is emphasizing the learning and training programs, and participating the knowledge as they are important in field of developing both invest aged variables in the life of invest aged organizations in particular, and all organizations generally. In addition, the authors emphasized the importance of developing the strategic information system for its importance in supporting these programs application too.ً.

The Effect of Direct Foreign Investment on GDP: An Application Study on UAE during (1980-2009)

Dr.Ilyas Najma; Ali Al.Mazroee

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 163-186
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162004

United Arab Emirates usually depends significantly on foreign direct investment (FDI) to develop its economy. Since, investment in the important and vitality sectors of the economy have led to the raise of direct foreign stock investment rapidly to reach (127) billion US dollars (more than 466.5 billion AED) in 2009 and thus this stock exceeded half of GDP in this year. As a result of the analysis of the econometrics model, the research shows that there is a very strong relationship between FDI stock (Inward and outward) and GDP at current prices; each increased in this stock by a million US dollars and led to increase the GDP of the state by (1.396) million US dollars . In addition, the stock of foreign direct investment contributes to a (93%) of the changes that may occur in the GDP of the state..

The Effect of Corruption on Economic Growth in the Light of Governance Variance

Mufeed Almula-Dhanoon; Adnan Ahmed

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 186-199
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162005

This research aimed to investigate the effect of corruption on the economic growth in the light of governance variance. Cross sectional data for three years for many countries was fruitfully introduced into empirical research lately. Other independent variables have been included in an econometric model like, education index, investment, foreign direct investment, population growth rate. The mean of governance indexes has been used as an indicator to governance quality. It was concluded that corruption has significant negative effect on economic growth. This effect varied from country to another according to the governance quality. Research showed that these countries have good governance suffer weakly from corruption, but the effect of corruption become bigger in the countries that have poor governance. It is found also that corruption is the most important variable affect economic growth in the countries that have poor governance. .

Leadership Styles And Their Role In The Development Of The Skills Of Workers Survey Of The Views Of A Sample Of Leaders Of Departments And Employees In The Directorate Of Electricity Network Nineveh

Dr.Maysoon Ahmed; Dena Mohammad

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 200-232
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162006

The current study aims to identify the situation of leadership styles in Nineveh Directorate of Electrical networks and its role to the development of skills of workers. Basically, it is hypothesized in this study that the leadership styles of all kinds (news persuasive and Co and Plenipotentiary) have a role in the development of skills of workers in the Directorate researched. To achieve the objectives, a scheme has been built to show the relationship between the variables of the study. It also used standards of data collection and analysis. A number of statistical tools were additionally used to prove research hypotheses, using the statistical program SPSS 10 for Windows. The results of the research match for most of its suppositions and formulated at hand a set of recommendations to strengthen and build an administrative leadership of the pattern (Poster) at the Directorate researched in all its aspects. It is particularly investment competencies, skills and capacities in the Directorate, and the human condition in the right place. The liability of some authorities has been taken into account to employers in addition to provide the appropriate scientific methods that may contribute to the skills development of workers in the field of research. .

Measurement the Satisfaction of Some Stakeholders: A Field Study in the General Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Nineveh

Dr.Alaa AL-Jabory; Ali Ahmad

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 233-256
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162007

The study aimed to identify the satisfaction of some stakeholders (customers, employees and local community, natural environment), as well as measure their satisfaction. Due to achieve its goal, the problem is summarized in; have the stakeholders been diagnosed for the company researched. In order to verify that, the reliance on questionnaire technique and interview, textbooks, documents for the data collection, relied on a program (SPSS ver. 12) to observe the results. A group of results has been indicated in the variance of stakeholders' satisfaction, it also recorded low customer satisfaction. According to these results, it is necessary to recommend the following by the company (enhance the competitive advantage through focusing on the quality of product). ).

Towards an Effective Social Protection System in Iraq The Application in Nineveh Governorate

Oday Ali

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2012, Volume 34, Issue 109, Pages 257-281
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2012.162008

Social protection system is one of the best tools used by government to elevate the poverty that aggravated due to the individual and governmental crises especially in Iraq. Any country aims to make a new economic and social growth should enlist the social protection within the strategies. As a result to the economic and social changes passed in Iraq, these conditions have affected the local situations. Thus, the government has introduced the social protection to solve these results. The current paper supposed that this tool may perform the role effectively. The study concluded that this tool couldn’t perform the suitable role effectively due to the weak targeted planning to the poverty categories; there was no recognition to the poverty average in rural and urban areas, corruption, and inflation accompanied by high average per capita that prevent the system to perform the role and achieve the mapped out aims in the reduction of poverty line in Iraq generally and Nineveh generally..