Volume 33, Issue 104, Summer 2011, Page 9-207

The Role of Knowledge Efficiency in Developing the Ability of Creativity Thinking: A Pilot Study in Al-Kindy General Company-Nineveh

Manal Al-Samak

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 9-28
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161930

The potential development in business environment today requires from company to increase the knowledge competency for its employees who enable them to developing their creative thinking skills in order to achieve the excellence knowledge and obtain competitive advantage. Aforementioned, the research aim to measure the responsiveness ratio and conformity for the employees answers within the company under research, then determine the correlation relationship and effects between the concepts of knowledge company and the creative thinking in depending on research hypothesis .The research concluded many conclusions the major of its there is a clear significant correlation relationship and effect between the research variables in the company under research, in addition that the company have an acceptable knowledge concerning about knowledge competency. .

The Effect of Organizational Learning Strategies on Job Satisfaction Field Study at Workers in Government Hospitals in Aleppo

dr. Mohammad Alkhshroum; Omar Durrah

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 29-52
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161931

This study aims to show the degree practice of the workers to the organizational learning strategies in government hospitals in Aleppo governorate, and identify the level of their job satisfactions. The relative importance for each strategy of the foundation learning strategies have been determined, and studying the impact each strategy on the job satisfaction. The study was applied on sample formed (260) persons which work in (7) hospitals in Aleppo from (4) functional specializations: (doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators). The results of the study can be summarized as follows: the means of dimensions of the study was less from middle, and there are differences between categories of workers (doctors, nurses, technical's, administrators) in degree their practice to organizational learning strategies, while there are no differences between categories of workers in level their job satisfaction, and there are no significant impact to foundation learning strategies on job satisfaction. The study recommends an agent increase degree practice the workers to organizational learning strategies, and care with improvement level their job satisfaction.

The Availability of Some Requirements of Strategic Readiness for Traducationnsformation toward E-Management:

dr. Alaa Hasan; Saddan Ali

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 53-75
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161932

The treatment of electronic perspective has become characteristic merits of management during the new millennium. Accordingly, this paper aimed to identify the strategic readiness (technical and organizational) towards the organization to be transformed into the electronic management. The problem of this study has been defined through several questions, the most important one might be; are there significant differences between the technical readiness and organizational in the field study?
To verify the problem of this study and to make sure that it achieves its aim, several hypotheses were put to show significant differences between the two readinesses in the field study. To prove that, questionnaire designed and distributed to a group of employees in all levels in general directorate of education at Nineveh Governorate which is the field of study. The problem theoretically treated by focusing on key words (E-governance, information and communications technology, ergonomics, formalization, electronic leadership, and e-culture). This problem had also statistical treatment comparing means. The analysis of data concluded to some indicators. The most important one: it has become obvious that the field study on the basis of technical readiness was contributed by employees who take courses .Then; it presented some recommendations which activate the process of transformations into Electronic management .From important cooperation with the scientific Departments in the universities that have technically and administratively related to the electronic transformation.

The Contemporary Environmental Orientations And Its Reflection On Creative Marketing: A Pilot Study In State Company For Drugs Industries And Medical Appliances In Ninevah

dr. Adel Al-Nema; Raad Raoof

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 76-93
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161933

The negative effects of industrial development and pollution as a result of irrational use of natural products have been reflected in the interests of industrial organizations. This happened to search for new aspects to limit the pollutants from their sources to attain an utmost level of capacity of using the resources in a way that put an end to the negative effects on both human and environment. Therefore, the use of contemporary environmental orientations based on the reduction and reuse of the recourses is at the head of the list of these approaches. On this perspective, the present research tackles contributions of these orientations in creative marketing through a survey study in State Company for Drug Industrial and Medical Appliances in Ninevah. The questionnaire has been done in order to take the pinion of the administration staff members. It studies the influence and the relation between the contemporary environment and creative marketing requirements .On the light of this test, a number of conclusions are drawn and also a number of propositions suitable for the company are presented.

Activating the Role of Internal Control Systems in the Evaluation of the Environmental Performance A Pilot Study in Industrial Installations in Mosul City

Khalid Althamee; Arsalan Alafandy

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 94-113
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161934

The research tackled the role of systems of internal control generally in industrial facilities, and role in the assessment of environmental performance in particular. The study addressed to measure the environmental performance and disclosure of environmental activities after measurable and costs. The research problem was embodied in the extent that internal control systems may contribute in assessing the environmental performance through oversight plans of environmental performance, the actual implementation of these activities and disclosure. The impact of staff size and type of internal controls in this assessment were also treated. The study used questionnaire for survey including industrial installations in the Mosul City. Answers were analyzed to the sample down to the other conclusions and recommendations. They can contribute to the role of these devices in industrial facilities mainly that the control systems of internal control to plan the environmental performance in enterprises sample search not amount to be effective. The internal control over the environmental performance plans is no longer effective because it may not control the efficacy of environmental performance. Meanwhile, the control over the actual implantation of these activities may be much effective. The staff of internal control has an effective role in controlling the environmental performance. Except that of they have no affiliated specialties. The research concluded group of recommendations; the importance one is management of industrial installations by internal control and increasing the know-how in environmental planning to develop the performance of control systems. The role of internal control should be activated over measurement and analysis the environmental activities and disclosure quantity and quality. ً.

The Effect of the Accountancy Disclosure on the Trends and the Behavior of the Investors

Abdul-Sattar Azzaher; dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 114-132
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161935

This study aims to determine and analyze the motives, trends, and behavior of the local Syrian investor, the way he follows when make investment decisions, the information that he depends on, and the difficulties he faces. The savings of individuals (small investors) are however collected and direct them to the investment channels which contribute in the strategic national development. When the theories of investment studied thoroughly, the investment decisions are established essentially on the accountancy disclosure of the accountancy and non-accountancy information, in quantity and quality, the field of the desired investment, and the behavioral concepts; they constitute the base of the benefit theory, as that theory explains the investor behavior based on the comparing risks bearing and enjoying high revenues. The study concluded to a collection of results. The most important ones are:
- The accountancy disclosure system characterizes with a lot of failures that decrease its efficiency owing to the non availability of suitable periodic reports to meet the aims of the investors.
- Investment types, in Syria, usually connected with the traditional types, like investment in real estates and the bank deposits.
- Supremacy of the family type on the companies in Syria, or the supremacy of a small number of the biggest investors on high portions of the shares in the sharing companies

The Quality of Banking Information Systems and their Role in Crisis Management:

Ahmed Al-Hayaly

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 133-151
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161936

The global financial crisis has affected the different sectors and activities in different degrees with regard to the severity of the impact, especially in the field of banks, business. The abilities of banks in field of information technology have enabled them to provide information of high quality. This in turn mitigated the severity of the crises impact. The value of the research is due to the emphasis on the quality of banking information systems and that through intellectual perspectives in which it began to define the concept of (quality) in general, and (quality) in banking information systems especially. Two main entries were decided, the first one come from the linguistic meaning of quality. The second come from the intellectual imaginations of the frame word named (procedural concepts) by researchers. The importance of the research comes out once again from shed lights on a subject dominated the writings of specialists nowadays, and this subject is the crisis, its cause and how to manage it. To achieve this, the researcher selected a number of banks in Mosul City as a sample for his research. He got the needed data from a sample of managers in these banks. The questionnaire prepared as the main tool to gather data. After the statistical processing of these data within (correlation and effect) framework, the researcher concluded a set of results. .

Customer Value by Using the Customer Relations Management Techinque Study for a Sample of Two Retailers Customers in Salah AlDeen Governorate

dr. Anees Abdullah

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 152-170
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161937

The current study aims at identifying the customer value dimensions. The two retailers in question pay attention to in an attempt to deliver it to the important customers who deal with them. In order to accomplish the objectives of the study, a hypothetical model was constructed which manifest the wide dimension of the customer value depending on the technology of customer relations management as an effective tool to gain customers and retain them. In this study (150) questionnaires were distributed to the customers of the two retailers of which (87) questionnaires were excluded. The questionnaires analyzed were (63) only and these questionnaires expressed the important customers only who deal with the retailers in question constantly. The two hypotheses of the research were tested using the mathematical mean and the cluster analysis of the variables to arrange them in clusters in accordance with their importance. The research reached a group of conclusions, most of which refer that there is a variation in the interest of the two retailers in the dimensions of customer value as the programs of supporting customer loyalty; they have not been given sufficient attention as one of the most important customer value variables. The researcher has several suggestions, most important are that the two retailers should pay more attention to the activities of supporting the customer value and innovate them as they have a vital role in stimulating customers to deal with the retailers in question..

The Role of Knowledge Transfer Processes in Reducing Knowledge Gap: A Pilot Study for Opinions of Doctors in Some of Nineveh Governorate Hospitals

dr. Ali Al-Hafedh

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 171-189
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161938

Knowledge is considered to be an existence able to increase and grow by using and participating in it. This increase happens through interact different types of knowledge among individuals within the same work group, among several groups within the same department, among departments themselves and then among organization with the others. Therefore; the principal aim of knowledge processes transferring is to make knowledge available for all workers in the organization and to benefit from it in building knowledgeable competitive feature. Thus, this research tries to unveil the processes of knowledge transferring in reducing the knowledge gap. It has analyzed the connection relations and its affect upon processes of knowledge transferring in reducing knowledge gap to reach the results. On the light of the findings, a group of conclusions has been reached; one of the important conclusions is that knowledge processes transferring have been considered one of the recent approaches which tries to obtain successful transferring of knowledge among individuals working in organizations. It also indicates that there is a connection relation and strong positive abstract affect on the processes of knowledge transferring in reducing knowledgeable gap. According to the above mentioned conclusions a group of suggestions which can be adopted by hospitals under research has been formulated. The aim is to improve the processes of knowledge transferring to reduce the knowledge gaps in it..

The Role Of Managerial Practices And Complexity And Size on Information System Success

Abdul Qadir Ahmed

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2011, Volume 33, Issue 104, Pages 190-207
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2011.161939

This research aimed to investigate some characteristics related to the management practice such as: centralization, job reducing, and technical complexity as independent variables and their relationship with the IS success factors inside of public Hospitals. To achieve this aim, a sample of 4 hospitals was selected according to certain standards as: hospital age and usage of information system. A questionnaire was depended and distributed to the sample of study. The study reached to some results, the most important of them is that there is a significant statistical relationship between the management practices and the information system success factors. There is also a significant statistical relationship between technical complexity and effectiveness of information system. Consequently, this research suggested some recommendations; management must sustain and support good matching or fitting management practices and applied IS in those Hospitals in hand, and between technical complexities and applied IS on the other hand. In addition, the management has to believe and recognize the critical role of IS and its necessity in the success of these Hospitals..