Keywords : ,،,؛Bricolage

Diagnosing the Reality of the Dimensions of Strategic Improvisation in Iraqi Universities: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of University Leaders at the University of Mosul

Marthad Emad Saeed AL-Sumaidaie; Thaeir A. S. Al-Samman

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2021, Volume 40, Issue 132, Pages 185-207
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2021.130238.1097

The current research aims to determine the role played by the dimensions of strategic improvisation, represented by (strategic vigilance, strategic agility, minimal-structure, and bricolage), at the University of Mosul. The research hypotheses were formulated, the most important of which were (the dimensions of strategic improvisation are not available for university leaderships at the University of Mosul).
The field of research is represented at the University of Mosul, and the research community included all university leaders in Iraqi higher education and scientific research institutions, and the research sample, which amounted to (196) leaders from the university leadership community represented by (the university president and his assistants, deans and their assistants, heads of departments and scientific centers).
The research adopted the descriptive and analytical approach, with the use of a questionnaire form that was designed and distributed electronically. and the data was analyzed using (SPSS. V25), and the most important conclusions were that the general rate of responses of the individuals in the research sample was good and with a positive trend, which reflects the availability of these dimensions, as well as the level of understanding and interest in the organization in the field of research.
The research was concluded with a number of recommendations, the most important of which is working to increase training programs that revolve around alternatives to using available resources (material, human, and knowledge) in a way that gives the organization the field of research with sufficient flexibility and ability to adapt to the various conditions it faces.