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The role of E-government Readiness In Enhancing Institutional Performance: A Case ‎Study In The Nineveh Governorate Bureau

Abdullah Hashim Alaarajy; Thaeir A. S. Ahmed Al-Samman

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2021, Volume 40, Issue 132, Pages 9-36
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2021.129355.1070

The current study verified the impact of E-government readiness on The ‎Institutional Performance and the extent of the relationship between these two ‎variables, and the choice of the Nineveh Governorate Bureau as a field for research, as ‎the study aims to show the role of E-government Readiness in enhancing Institutional ‎Performance, and to show the interest of the researched institution (Nineveh ‎Governorate Bureau) With these two variables, and knowing the level of employee ‎feeling in the researched institution about the extent of availability of the E-‎government Readiness dimensions, and the extent of their agreement on its role in ‎enhancing the performance of the researched institution, as the questionnaire form was ‎adopted in collecting data, as this form included paragraphs related to the study ‎variables, The study was applied on a random sample of (247) individuals represented ‎by employees in the Nineveh Governorate Bureau, and the data collected was ‎strengthened by personal interviews with some leaders and employees in the ‎researched institution who are related to the subject of the study to ensure correctness, ‎comprehensiveness and objectivity The data collected from the researched institution, ‎and the study relied on the analytical descriptive approach, and a number of statistical ‎methods were used. The most important results are: The presence of a positive impact ‎of E-government Readiness on Institutional Performance‏.‏