Keywords : Psychological factor,,

Employing the psychological factor in the orientation of the customer (the patient):A case study in the special wing units of the Babil Governorate Health Department

Raad Handal Al-Jubouri; Shuaib Ahmed; Methaq Hatif Al-Fatlawi; Hashem Fawzi Al-Abadi

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2021, Volume 40, Issue 131, Pages 110-135
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2021.128821.1062

The  Current  Research  Aims to identify of the role played by psychological factor variables in the orientations of the client (patient) in the units of the special health department of the province of Babylon. Several Hypotheses Were Formulated of Direct And Indirect Effects.  The Questionnaire Was Used in The Collection of Data. The Quota Sampling Method Was Used in the Selection of the Research Sample, With Number (500) Employees of Valid Questionnaires Was (385) With Response Rate (95%). The Hypothesis  Test  Was  Verified  By  Using  The  Appropriate  Statistical  Methods adopted in Smartpls3.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Results Showed off There is a significant positive direct between the psychological factor of the patient related to the health service and the patient's attitudes, as well as a significant Negative direct of between the psychological factor of the patient related to the patient status and the patient's attitudes.
  The study also concluded with many Recommendations, Important: establishment of independent buildings for the units of private suites and the expansion of the number of beds and attention to its architectural functions and supplying them with modern and sophisticated devices at competitive prices and the creation of jobs to care for the psychological factor of the patient and jobs concerned with the dissemination of health education.