Keywords : strategic victory

The strategic Consciousness and its reflection on achieving strategic victory - Strategic thinking as an intermediate variable: A survey of the views of a sample of the officers of Najaf Directorate

Hashim F. Al-Abadi

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2019, Volume 38, Issue 123, Pages 61-88
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2019.163341

The current research aimed to present different strategic views through studying the relationship between strategic consciousness, strategic thinking in business organizations, and the conceptualization of these variables by a sample of Al-Najaf Police Directorate and reflections on achieving strategic victory. The research depended on the applied methodology that can involve three measurements for strategic consciousness. They are (reformulation, organizational thinking, learning tendency, contemplation), strategic thinking (organizational view, intentional focus, smart chance, real – time thinking, hypothesis direction), strategic victory (vision, existence, power, and value). There were used to enhance these concepts for a sample of decision – makers (105) officer. The sample was distributed to directors and their assistants. Data were also collected according to the main references and analyzed according to SPSS V. 19. Results of pilot study have concluded that the strategic consciousness influences directly on achieving strategic victory. This influence may be increased intermediately with the strategic thinking that may present successful resolutions to the research community in case of crisis. The research also uncovered that there is a positive relationship between the variables of the research. Two applications were identified in this paper; the first may be specialized in achieving the strategic consciousness and strategic victory through strategic thinking, and the conceptualization of these subjects in Al-Najaf Police Directorate. The second application is directed to the decision – makers to realize that the need to strategic consciousness, to keep coming with guides identifiers of strategic consciousness. This will absolutely help present knowledge and understanding among the sample of the study.