Keywords : Under Construction Projects

The Accountancy Processing of Under Construction Projects – Excavations and Survey Expenses 1283 in Petrol Units With The Application on Northern Oil Company

Sinan Jamil

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2007, Volume 29, Issue 86, Pages 70-98
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2007.161701


Oil production and extraction passed in general with four major stages, they are; discovery and oil scanning, well digging and renewal, production and finally refining. The time period may for the first stage is however short or may take long time reach to ten years. Thus, the oil company during the first stage got an uncertainty factor of petrol existence relatively. In the final period there were two probabilities, they are the existence of petrol in huge quantities or inexistence (or in an uneconomic way). Therefore, the payments should be delimited in terms of income, capitalistic or successful efforts ways. This should account the oblivion for there were a probability to uncover petrol in scanning and discovering. This account can be blocked in three cases:
1. In abandoning the project in that area.
2. Shifting into other oil productive wells.
3. Selling to other companies.
In each of these above cases there are three policies might be followed by the oil companies. They are no allocation for the under construction projects – payments of discovering (1283) and allocation for each project. So, the current research sought in details of accounting according to the previous cases and the application on the Northern Oil Company.