Keywords : competitive advantage

Marketing Culture and Its Role In Enhancing Competitive Advantage/ A Survey Study In Nowruz, The Internet Service Provider in Duhok

Dalal A. Khalid; Munther K. Yaqoob

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2021, Volume 40, Issue 132, Pages 287-303
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2021.170364

The current research aims to identify the dimensions of marketing culture represented by (service quality, diversity, rationality, internal relations, and innovation), and its role in enhancing competitive advantage in companies in general, especially service ones, by addressing the research problem represented by the following questions: Are the dimensions of marketing culture available in the researched company? What are the relationships and the impact relationship between marketing culture and competitive advantage?, and research hypotheses were formulated, including There is a significant correlation between marketing culture and competitive advantage at the macro and micro level at the level of significance 0.05, and there is a significant effect of marketing culture on the competitive advantage at the level of morale 0.05 The descriptive-analytical method was used, as a sample of (70) employees working in the Nowruz company, which provides Internet services in Dohuk governorate, was selected. A questionnaire was designed to collect data, and its paragraphs were analyzed to test the research hypotheses using the SPSS Ver. 24, and the research reached some conclusions, the most important of which were: that the marketing culture is of great importance in companies, especially service ones, being in direct contact with customers, and the research reached several recommendations, the most important of which were: the need to pay attention to marketing culture as it reflects the identity of the company and its positionamong competing companies In the market.

The Technological Strategy and Competitive Advantage in the Third Millennium: Approach of Added Value Theoretical Study

Amir A. Abdulmuhsin

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2010, Volume 32, Issue 100, Pages 189-213
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2010.161865


The organizational performance in general and the environmental performance in particular are considered to be part of the fundamental aspects in bringing about sustainable development in business organizations during Third Millennium. This research discusses ways of how to adopt model of Value Chains as approaches in reinforcing the environmental performance by relying on the capabilities provided by technical strategies, in achieving excellence performance. This research started with discussing the concept of Information Technology (IT) and its importance, in addition to explain the contribution of the technological strategy and Added Value under the environmental role of the organizations; as well as discussing the concepts of IT capabilities, their development and types. In its second part, the research tried to state the most important general guidelines of the Organizational Performance and especially the Environmental Performance. To arriving at its essential issue, the discussion of the adoption of the model of Value Chain as an approach to reinforcing the environmental performance through the use of IT capabilities. Finally, the research ended by stating the most important conclusions and suggestions that have been reached by this research.

The Role of the Content of Making Decisions in Supporting the Strategic Capability and Sustaining Comparative Advantages

Mayser Ahmed; Maan Almoadadi

TANMIYAT AL-RAFIDAIN, 2005, Volume 27, Issue 77, Pages 27-52
DOI: 10.33899/tanra.2005.161616

The aggravation of challenges faced by the business organizations especially the
competitive ones moving towards the expansion of the horizons that should be recognized
by the administration and we should consider the effect of these on the list of its decision
by which the marketing function is one of them. It seems that the case of dealing with new
markets based on building innovative dynamics, therefore, the marketing mixture should be
rearranged to gourmet the effect on the markets that may ascribe with variant pre-request
for customers in order to reconstruct the strategic abilities to face all the challenges on the
bases of the philosophy on dynamic ability and sustain competitive criterion for the
organization. This sorting criterion may attract a new customer and keep the others and
learing relationship diagnosis, the suitable expectation, the accurate expedition for their
needs. This study focuses on the academic and practical contents that the tested companies
ability to face the violent competition in the local markets before participating in Arab or
regional markets. Hence, the main aim of the study is to frame the contents the marketing
decisions and the strategic abilities as well as the effect of the competitive criteria for
companies. Two hypotheses are involved in this study. The first is related to the range of
explaining the contents of the marketing decisions for the strategic ability for the company,
and the second in related to the degree of participating in from identifying the range of
competitive criterion. The research concluded to my results and aims.